Is Hawkeye the John McClane of the MCU? “I love this comparison!” [exclu]

“I don’t want to pretend to be in his straight line. But for sure Die Hard influenced me. That and Lethal Weapon.”

The latest Marvel creation stands out in the universe of Avengers. Cooler, more relaxed, funnier too, Hawkeye was clearly intended as an “old school” action comedy. With a strong sense of the valve, an indestructible grumpy hero, in the heart of a perilous mission mixing suspense and fun, the series which has just debuted on Disney + proudly displays a “vibe” to the Die Hard :

I love this comparison “, answers the director and producer Rhys Thomas, obviously a fan of Piage of crystal. “Yes I love Die Hard. Besides, when I pitched the series to Marvel, I sold them like the story of an injured John McClane, who would find himself in a basket of crabs, completely cornered. It was that kind of cool thing that I wanted to explore. So this comparison, I take it as a huge honor … “

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Thomas humbly tempers in the wake: “Afterwards, Die Hard is Die Hard … I don’t want to pretend to be in his straight line. But it sure influenced me. That and Lethal Weapon. These are the two big influences behind Hawkeye. “

And for good reason, if Jeremy renner surprisingly makes John McClane of the MCU, the success of Hawkeye is also based on the explosive duo he forms with Hailee Steinfeld. A pair that opposes everything, cleverly developed in the old-fashioned way by production: “From the start, the idea was to do in the buddy cop movie “, resumes Rhys Thomas. “A genre comedy. Clint has a rather dramatic narrative arch in the Avengers. He is a discreet, placid man. We therefore associated her with a hyper-enthusiastic in the person of Kate Bishop. This forms a perfect contrast in the purest “buddy cop” style. We see them who don’t get along well at first, and then we see their relationship growing, evolving over the episodes. The more they learn about each other, the more this relationship is built … “

Hawkeye airs every Wednesday on Disney + until December 22.

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