Isabelle Adjani – The World is Yours: “I need to be surprised more and more”


With Karim Leklou, Isabelle Adjani forms a crazy mother-son tandem in The World is Yours by Romain Gavras. We have met them.

She is imperial as an unworthy mother, a high-level thief, who does not hesitate to despoil her son, eager to live a normal life and obliged to return to finance an honest business. Isabelle Adjani, outrageously wigged, very show off, pulls out the big game against Karim Leklou in The world is yours, lower profile but just as impeccable in underdog full of good will. In reality, Isabelle mother Karim with obvious tenderness. On the occasion of the first unencrypted broadcast of Romain Gavras’ film, this evening on CStar, we are reposting our interview with the two actors, met during the Cannes Film Festival 2018.

First: How are mom and son?
Isabelle Adjani : Very well. When I see him, I say “hello big one” to him. (laughs)

How does it feel to have Isabelle Adjani as mom, Karim?
Isabelle : Ooh there, you have no more voice, you?
Karim leklou : Did you party?

A little … So, Karim?
Isabelle : The poor man, what can he answer you? (laughs) You corner him in a very small corner, there he really has no choice. Don’t say bad things about your mother, otherwise you will get one!

Mother a little unworthy in the film.
Karim : It is a little barred, let’s say.
Isabelle : She traps him permanently as in this scene at Galeries Lafayette where she forces him to make a scandal in order to be able to commit his theft. It takes a whole movie for him to symbolically kill this mother anyway! And again, he falls madly for a girl who already has the same maternal reflexes …
Karim : On the set, the understanding was wonderful. As it was very pleasant to play with Isabelle, I was able to concentrate 100% on my character.

You both bring different colors: Isabelle is the graphic and comic anchor of the film, Karim, the realistic anchor.
Isabelle : My character creates “disruptive”. This is what Romain wanted: breaks in tone between our two characters. Danny is always one step ahead of his son.
Karim : It’s a film about what parents do to their children.
Isabelle : But no…
Karim : But if, in the film, you make me suffer things! (laughs)
Isabelle : This manipulation, foiled by Romain’s camera, is hilarious. Danny wants his son to be not only a thug but the leader of the thugs. It is the caricature of a manipulation that does not take.

She is horrible and endearing at the same time.
Isabelle : She is endearing because Romain loves her and she reminds her a little of his own mother – the producer Michèle Ray-Gavras, editor’s note. I talk a lot for you, don’t I?
Karim : Of course not.

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Was it all very written or did you improvise like in that belly dance scene, Karim?
Karim : You can’t see it, but it was very hard work with a choreographer!
Isabelle : Nobody moves his can like you … There is sunshine entering this cafe during this scene. It shows a positive face of the suburbs. It exhilarates him.
Karim : It is even one of the rare scenes of communion in the film.
Isabelle : “Of communion”, you exaggerate … The engine of my character is all the same the cash drawer.

Would you say it’s an Anglo-Saxon, cool, quirky, formalist film?
Isabelle : Totally. The only thing he lacks is to be in English.
Karim : We think of Guy Ritchie’s films, type Snatch. It’s great to see a pop comedy like that in France.
Isabelle : While being the product of great cinephilia and a French spirit. What is also very Anglo-Saxon is this ability to create extravagant characters for us. Apart from you, my big one! (laughs) When you see her at the beginning with her Gucci bathrobe, her rapper’s sauerkraut on her head and her huge glasses … To say that French journalists wrote that I was playing with my image! But anyway, it’s phew, how do they perceive me? (laughs)

Karim, you jealous of these baroque supporting roles? Your character is much more down to earth, it pays less.
Karim : I admire in François his aspiration to normality. His ambition is to want to escape from a thug movie. This is not really what characterizes the time.
Isabelle : He sees big while thinking small. He wants to be part of the world by going unnoticed. “Put the nail in”.
Karim : Wow, I take a punchline, there! (laughs) Do you assume it?

What guides you today Isabelle in your choices? We know that you turn little.
Isabelle : I would like more ambitious projects to be presented to me, that’s all. What matters to me above all is meeting the director. If you are dealing with a real filmmaker, the scenario cannot exist by default. I want to work with people whose size is indisputable. I probably haven’t done enough in my career. Nothing to fear either the unknown proposition, incongruous as was the case with The world is yours. I really wondered if I was cut out for the role. Romain saw something in me that escaped me, that I did not suspect. I need to be surprised more and more.

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