It: A prequel series is in development at HBO Max


Welcome to Derry will start in the 1960s. The first episode will be directed by Andy Muschietti.

Warner Bros. continues to develop its film-initiated sagas into TV series on HBO Max. After having announced a spin-off of The Batman on the Penguin by Colin Farrell or a variation of Dune for the streaming service, the studio is preparing a prequel of It – Chapter 1 and 2the two horror films ofAndy Muschietti from cult novels Stephen King and released in theaters in 2017 and 2019.

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This series will be perfectly in the continuity of the feature films, since we will find the director in the staging of the first episode, as well as in the production with his wife Barbara Muschietti, and their partner Jason Fuchs (the latter will also be in writing). It will be called Welcome to Derry and will take place mainly in the 1960s, specifies variety. We should also see the“origin story” of Pennywise, the creepy clown embodied in the films by Bill Skarsgard.

For the moment, it is not known if comedians of the films will return for this series conceived by Warner Bros. Television for HBO Max, but if the team is serious about bringing him into their continuity, chances are Bill will be back. Patience, now that the project is officially announced, we should know more quickly.

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