It was Benedict Cumberbatch who inspired Josh Brolin to play Thanos

It was Benedict Cumberbatch who inspired Josh Brolin to play Thanos
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After seeing him “play a dragon” on the set of The Hobbit, he accepted Marvel’s offer.

Thanks to Avengers: Infinity Warwhich will be broadcast this Sunday on TF1 for the first time in clear, Josh Brolin easily established Thanos as one of Marvel’s top villains. Even THE best (our review of the Russo brothers’ blockbuster is to be read here). At the microphone of SiriusXMhe revealed in June 2018 that he had hesitated before accepting this role, and that it is thanks to Benedict Cumberbatch that he finally said yes to the directors. Because the interpreter of Doctor Strange had given him advice before joining Marvel? Not at all: it’s by seeing it “do the dragon” in the bonus videos of Hobbit that he wanted to get into performance capture.

“Before signing, I had read reviews that referred to Marvel’s villains as the movies’ weak point.details the actor. I approached Thanos thinking that if we could REALLY make him exist, it would be phenomenal. I had never done a performance capture, I told myself that I was going to find myself alone in front of lights and multiple cameras, but it was not like that at all: it was practical, I could interact with the other actors, it’s a phenomenal process! I had seen Benedict Cumberbatch do that. I believe it was for The Hobbit, I had been watching filming videos from YouTube and he was in his performance capture costume, in the middle of this big space and he was moving around like a snake, sticking his tongue out… his game was unbelievable ! I saw that, and I said to myself that it was not windy, that we could give our all and that it would work. This mixture of conviction and embarrassment… so I said ‘yes’.”

Benedict Cumberbatch is good, even as a dragon

The experience obviously pleased Josh Brolin, who has since been found in Thanos in Avengers: Endgame. As for Benedict Cumberbatch, if he confessed to be “felt silly” on the set of Hobbithe has since replayed in performance capture for Andy Serkis (Gollum, César in The Planet of the Apes…) playing the tiger Shere Khan in Mowgli. He will be back at the cinema next Wednesday in the Doctor Strange costume, as part of the sequel to his 2016 solo film: In the Multiverse of Madness. Here is its trailer:

Doctor Strange 2 will contain “scary images” and will not be “general public”

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