Jackass Forever: The Painful Comeback Trailer

They are a little older, but they are still so stupid!

Is there an age to stop bullshit? The answer is no ! This is the theme of the trailer for Jackass Forever, which marks the return of Johnny Knoxville, 49, and his team, determined to perform new stunts as crazy as they are ridiculous, new challenges as dangerous as they are hilarious!

It should be remembered that Jackass (literally “big idiots”) it was originally a 90s TV show broadcast on MTV. There was a band of daredevils ready to hurt themselves to make the crowds laugh. This success from a pre-YouTube era was phenomenal, with 4 theatrical films that generated half a billion dollars in revenue worldwide!

A few years later, they are approaching fifty but have not given up playing idiots! Jackass Forever will be released on October 22 in theaters in the USA. The French date is not yet known.

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