Jackson Avery back one day in Grey’s Anatomy? “It’s a possibility !”

Grey's Anatomy april jackson

Actor Jesse Williams opens the door.

It’s been a little less than a year since he left and yet he really wants to come back. After having left Grey’s Anatomyjust before the end of season 17 – after 11 years and 12 seasons in Seattle – the actor jesse williams opens the door to a comeback! In interview with ET Onlinehe suggests that he is ready to “to consider“this possibility.

“I would think about it (if offered). Jackson still exists in the world of the show. So, yes, it’s totally a possibility”he said.

What is Grey’s Anatomy preparing for its 400th episode?

It must be said that the medical series is obviously not about to stop and while season 18 has just resumed, we know that it will be back next year with season 19! So there’s plenty of time and room for a return of Dr. Avery…with April?

I will forever be grateful for the limitless opportunities given to me by Shonda [Rhimes], the network, the studio, the other members of the team. As an actor, director, and person, I’ve been incredibly lucky to learn so much from so many talented people. The experience and stamina that came from creating nearly 300 hours of top-notch television is a gift I will always carry with me. I am immensely proud of our work, our impact…

In France, season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy is currently broadcast on TF1.

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