Jacques Audiard does not like Les Tontons flingueurs

The classic written by his dad Michel Audiard returns this evening on France 2.

On this first Sunday in 2022, the second channel pays tribute to Bernard blier proposing The Tontons gunslingers at 9:10 p.m. We no longer present this story of a will that triggers a clan war among the “uncle” of Georges lautner. A great classic of French cinema, this last part of the trilogy inspired by the black novels ofAlbert Simoni celebrates the humor and the language of an era of straightforward speaking thanks to the cult signed dialogues Michel Audiard. However, at the exit of Dheepan, during the summer of 2015, his son Jacques Audiard revealed during an interview with The Express that he didn’t like this film, which was very popular with the public. The Tontons gunslingers had attracted more than 3 million spectators to the cinema in 1963 and since, each television broadcast is a success.

Buffet Froid (with Gérard Depardieu and Bernard Blier) narrated by Bertrand Blier

“He transmitted to me, above all, his love of books, detailed the director. I had the chance to work as a screenwriter with my father on a few films in the 1980s, including Deadly hike, in 1983. They were great times but they were too short. I discovered, after the fact, his work of the years 1950-1960. I do not like The uncle gunslingers, but I have a lot of admiration for his collaborations with Gilles Grangier, like the old people of the old Where The cellar is fighting back. I like his work on a fairly realistic cinema, in a somewhat Simenonian atmosphere. “

Gilles Grangier, thanks to whom he meets Jean Gabin and with whom he collaborates on 17 films, is a determining filmmaker in the career of Michel Audiard. But it is nevertheless in the dialogues of the films of George lautner that his name remains most often associated in popular consciousness: The barbouzes, Dandelions by the root and especially, The uncle gunslingers, popular comedy with Lino ventura, Bernard blier, Francis Blanche, Jean Lefebvre, Venantino Venantini… which has become a cult over time.

Tahar Rahim speaks of Un Prophète, of Jacques Audiard: “It was crazy!”

Yes Uncle cannot sum up the immense career of Michel Audiard who (finally) obtained the César for best screenplay for Jail in 1982 from Claude miller and made the salt of the films ofHenri verneuil, Christian-Jaque, Julien Duvivier, Jacques Deray Where Philippe de Broca, we liked his “need to make sentences”.

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