Jada Pinkett Smith Reacts to Oscar Slap and Wants Will Smith and Chris Rock to ‘Make Up’

Jada Pinkett Smith

The actress, at the center of the scandal despite herself, wants the two to “talk to each other to resolve their differences”.

She was the first to be affected by the Oscars 2022 scandal, when her husband got up to go and slap a monumental slap in the face. Chris Rock, on stage at the 94th ceremony. Three months later, Jada Pinkett Smith reacts to the slap of Will Smith.

For the first time, the flouted wife, the target of the famous joke of Chris Rock making fun of his alopecia, officially commented on these events. She did it on her Facebook show called Red Table Talkin an episode devoted to his illness and entitled: Alopecia: The Devastating Impact.

“Given what I’ve been through with my own health and what happened at the Oscars, thousands of people have reached out to me with their stories.“, she says in the opening. “I take this moment to give everyone affected by alopecia the opportunity to talk about their condition and to inform people about what alopecia really is.

A first message for Chris Rock. But in the process, the actress took care not to add fuel to the fire.

On the contrary, Jada Pinkett Smith launched a great message of appeasement: “My deepest hope is that these two intelligent and reasonable men will have the opportunity to heal, to talk openly, to work out their differences and to reconcile.” does she suggest to Chris Rock and to her husband. “Given the state of the world today, we need both. And we all need each other more than ever. Until then, Will and I are continuing to do what we have been doing for the past 28 years, which is to continue trying to do this thing called living together. Thank you for your attention.”

We are now waiting for the reconciliation episode…

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