Jade Springer, the revelation of Petite Solange

In front of Axelle Roper’s camera, she portrays a 13-year-old teenager facing her parents’ divorce. With a sensitivity that symbolizes that of this beautiful film

Before landing the audition for Little Solangehave you had the desire to become an actress in mind for a long time?

Jade Springer : Yes, I already had 7 years of theater behind me. And around 10 years old, I had even done extras and from this first shoot where I had only been a silhouette, I knew that I wanted to be an actress. So I continued to do silhouettes and then figuration. Just for the pleasure of being on set. And that’s how, one thing led to another, I came across Solange’s casting. Which was my second audition for a “real” role.

How had the first one gone?

Very bad ! (laughs) I had so much stage fright and little experience that I missed it.

What made you want to get into theater so young?

When I was 5 years old, my mother was doing a play with a troupe that needed child extras. That’s how I found myself for the first time on stage. And like the cinema a little later, I immediately liked it and I wanted to continue. It all came quite simply actually.

What did you know about Solange before taking the trials?

Only the description that had been made on the site where I had spotted the cast. And the background to the story – her parents’ divorce – which was explained to me just before I passed. There were three rounds of auditioning and I was only given the script once I was chosen.

What seduced you in this character, confronted with the divorce of her parents camped by Léa Drucker and Philippe Katerine?

His sensitivity. I was right at a time in my life when I was on the same path as her, that of innocence towards adulthood. His sensitivity therefore echoed mine. Which helped me both to get this role and then to embody it. Solange, I immediately had the feeling of knowing her well. Not in the events she lived because my parents are not divorced but in what she felt

How did you work on this character with Axelle Ropert?

Axelle showed me a few films, including The 400 blows by Francois Truffaut. But she didn’t give me any instructions beforehand. On the contrary, she asked me not to re-read the script until filming to “let it cry inside me. (laughs) So, I arrived the first day obviously knowing my text and I started, relying on the indications that Axelle gave me over the scenes.

How did you experience this shoot?

Apart from the very first day, I had no stress at all. In any case not the one to do wrong because the rules of the game were simple. Axelle told me what she wanted and I followed her directions. So my only question was whether what I was doing pleased Axelle. And since he’s a very reassuring person, I didn’t feel any particular anxiety. In all none compared to the camera. I experienced it as an animal that observes me and that I try to tame.

This experience only strengthened your desire to play, I imagine…

Yes, even if I haven’t toured since. I passed a few castings but I grew and changed compared to Little Solange which was filmed three years ago. So people are sometimes a little surprised when they audition me after seeing the film! (laughs)

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