Jadis talks about his return in Walking Dead and thinks he is Joan of Arc!

Once Walking Dead

Yes, the film by Luc Besson is at the origin of this haircut …

Everything is stacked three years after its last appearance in The Walking Dead, Jadis is back in the franchise! She was in the last episode of season 2 of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, “Who Are You?” Broadcast Sunday in the USA and France on Prime Video. We had left Anne and so we find her Jadis. Or rather Mrs. Jadis Stokes! Because yes, she took the last name of her old child friend, Father Gabriel Stokes …

I thought it was a way to honor her relationship with Gabriel, which was a real romance. But it’s also a reminder that it didn’t work “, recount Pollyanna mcintosh in interview with Entertainment Weekly. We would like her to reveal everything about Rick and what she did with him, after taking him to the CRM in the middle of season 9. Except that it remains still and always an enigma, a mystery which tends seriously hanging out now!

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Just like the return of Jadis in Walking dead, which was expected … for five months before his departure from the mother series! “Scott M. Gimple, the franchise manager, told me what was going to happen long before I left. They told me that this departure would not be the end for Jadis, and that they wanted to continue with her … ” So we find her years later and find out that Jadis has become a devoted adjutant in the Civic Republic Army investigating “corruption, incompetence and betrayal” within the Fellowship. She was also trained by Huck.

This Jadis 3.0 is actually a mix between the one from the landfill and the more reasonable Anne from the start of season 9: “I wanted to bring back the old Jadis, but with an extra military element and a little Joan of Arc side. But in fact, it’s not so much a third iteration of the character. Rather a fusion of the previous two “, summarizes Pollyanna McIntosh, who thus reveals where this disconcerting haircut comes from: “It’s because I saw Joan of Arc by Luc Besson a few years ago, and I wanted to do Milla Jovovich’s hair! Like Joan of Arc, Jadis has his own view of things, and no one can question it. She thinks of the common good. So I found this symbol excellent for Jadis … “

We will find her in the sequel to season 2 of The Walking Dead: World Beyond next week on Amazon Prime Video in France.

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