Jake Gyllenhaal to star in upcoming Guy Ritchie, The Interpreter

He will camp a soldier on the Afghan front in the director’s next action film.

While Jake gyllenhaal has been causing a stir on Netflix since the release of The Guilty, and prepares his return to the cinema with Michael Bay in Ambulance, the actor will soon star in Guy Ritchie’s next film, soberly titled The Interpreter.

Ambulance: Jake Gyllenhaal plays robber for Michael Bay [bande-annonce]

In this new action movie, Gyllenhaal will be Sergeant John Kinley, who is on his final mission in Afghanistan. He then teams up with Ahmed, a local interpreter, to study the area. When their unit is ambushed while on patrol, Kinley and Ahmed are the only survivors. With enemy fighters in pursuit, Ahmed risks his own life to transport the wounded Kinley through miles of grueling terrain to safety. Back on American soil, Kinley learns that Ahmed and his family have not been granted passage to America as promised. Determined to protect his friend and pay off his debt, Kinley returns to the war zone to pick up Ahmed and his family before the local militias reach them first.

Inspired by his conversations with soldiers and their interpreters, “who risk their lives to help them” (via Coming soon), Guy Ritchie is writing the screenplay for this upcoming action thriller with his regular collaborators Ivan Atkinson and Marn Davies. He is also the co-producer, with Atkinson.

Jake Gyllenhaal leaves speechless in the Guilty trailer, on Netflix

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