James Bond: Pierce Brosnan believes in Idris Elba and Tom Hardy

“They can afford to go to something else”

James Bond from 1995 to 2004 during four films, Pierce Brosnan is seen regularly asked who could replace Daniel Craig in the skin of the secret agent of His Majesty. ” Sometimes it’s a bit tiring », He assures People, while promoting his next film, False Positive (not dated with us). But the actor still responds wholeheartedly, citing both usual suspects whose name keeps coming back: ” Idris Elba comes to mind. Idris has an incredible presence, with superb tension in his voice. It would be beautiful ”in the role. “And then there is Tom Hardy “, Which Brosnan also thinks would be perfect in 007.” And I believe that now that Daniel has branded the role, they can afford to go to something else. But your opinion is as good as mine on who will be the next James Bond. There is no other franchise like this. Not one.

Daniel Craig will bid farewell to the role in To die can wait, scheduled for October in theaters. The film has been postponed several times due to the pandemic.

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