James Bond: quest for Daniel Craig’s replacement will begin “next year”

Producer Barbara Broccoli wants to give the current 007 time to shine one last time with Dying Can Wait.

What will the post Daniel Craig look like? Barbara Broccoli, producer of the saga James bond, assured us a few months ago that the secret agent ” must remain a man, I always said it. We have to imagine other stories for women. Stories about women, for women. Making a woman play the role of a man doesn’t interest me. But otherwise, I remain totally open to the actor who will be the next James Bond. It could be anyone. The only constraint we set is whether he is English or from the Commonwealth. Fortunately, I don’t have to think about it just yet, I stay focused on To die can wait. I think I’m still in denial … That’s a problem for another day. Daniel Craig is still James Bond to me.

In a new interview with the show Today of Radio 4, Broccoli promises that she will not think about the next 007 until 2022: ” We want Daniel to be able to have his moment of celebration. Next year we’ll start thinking about the future “. It’s a little hard to believe that she hasn’t already thought about Craig’s potential successor (the release of To die can wait having been postponed several times) but obviously this new actor will not be announced for a long time. It remains to be seen what angle will be chosen for the rest of the franchise: a James bond younger ? Less “physical”? Or in the continuity of Daniel Craig?

To die can wait will be released on October 6 in theaters. Trailer :

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