James Bond: Ralph Fiennes reveals that Sam Mendes wanted to make M the villain of Specter

The actor admits to having bickered with the director on this subject.

Featured in The king’s man, the prequel to Matthew Vaughn’s spy saga, this week, Ralph fiennes participated in the podcast Happy Sad Confused, and revealed to Josh Horowitz that he had “rather intense discussions” with Sam Mendes on his James Bond character M while filming Spectrum (2015) : “I think I can say it now? I had to fight Sam’s urge to make M the villain of Spectrum. I said : ‘I don’t want to be him, and then have him transformed along the way to be the bad guy. M is never the bad guy. ‘ So I had rather intense discussions with Sam to tell him that: ‘No, that idea doesn’t suit me.’ The presenter then asks him if he should have worked for Blofeld (Christoph Waltz), and Fiennes continues: “Whether it was Blofeld or someone else, it crossed the red line.”

Eventually, the director abandoned his “twist” around the character of M and Fiennes remained on the side of 007 (Daniel Craig), just like Judi Dench before him.

Here is the trailer for To die can wait, the last opus of the saga:

Die can wait director finally explains the end of his James Bond

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