James Cameron and Denis Villeneuve share their take on streaming

James Cameron - Denis Villeneuve
DR; Gage Skidmore

The directors discussed their vision of cinema, and its evolution towards streaming.

In an interview organized by Variety, the filmmakers James cameron and Denis Villeneuve discussed their cinema, their way of making films, but also their vision of the profession and its developments. Among the topics of discussion, the growing importance of streaming in relation to the experience of theaters and the big screen. An importance that the two directors recognize, without having the same opinion on the question.

Indeed, for Villeneuve the experience in theaters is stronger because it allows you to really play on the sensations. In this, it helps to connect society. “I think the venue experience is going to prevail. I think we need that kind of massive, immersive, physical experience: the sound, with the Atmos or IMAX system, becomes physical. It’s something that doesn’t. can’t be reproduced at home. There is nothing more powerful than sharing an emotion together in a movie theater. I think as humans we need that kind of connection. I think that we are not meant to be isolated. So I am optimistic. I hope that the language of cinema does not become too similar to that of television “, he explains to Cameron.

Because concerning the language of television, for Denis Villeneuve it is limited, and its main danger is “to make films that are built like a franchise and that bring the language of cinema to the fabric of television.”

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An opinion understood by James Cameron, but not shared by the director of Titanic and Avatar. For him, streaming is a complementary experience to the cinema experience, in that it allows a film to be rethought differently, to experience it in a different way. The filmmaker, who says he loves “change“and not to be afraid of what it implies, specifies: “I’m a child of the 60s. I like it when things are chaotic. I think what we can see is an expanded form of cinema. I want to make a movie that is six and two and a half hours at the same time. . The same movie. You can stream it for six hours, or you can go for a more condensed, roller coaster and immersive version of that experience in a movie theater. The same movie. One is the novel, the other is the movie. Why not? Let’s use these platforms in a way that has never been done before. “

Note that James Cameron is not the last to take an interest in new technologies and offer an innovative cinema, as proved by Avatar and its success in theaters when it was released in 2009: the film was then offered in 3D, a first for the time, accumulating 14,774,890 admissions in France.

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