James Gray will write and direct a series about writer Norman Mailer

Norman Mailer

This controversial figure of American literature inspires the director of The Night Belongs to Us.

Norman Maileractor, director, screenwriter and author of Executioner’s Songwho had been a victim of “cancel culture” because of one of his controversial works, and who died in 2007, has not finished being talked about. Indeed, at the beginning of the year, an investigation revealed that Random House, a publishing house, had refused to publish unpublished writings by the author because of his book. White Negrowritten in 1957. In this essay, mail denounced the cultural appropriation exerted on African-American culture.

A series project, which will tell the life of this writer known for having written the crossing of America from the Second World War until the invention of Wi-Fi, has just been announced with the scenario James Gray. The director of The Lost City of Z with Charlie Hunnam is currently in post-production on her partly autobiographical film, Armageddon Timeand he should continue with the filming of this series entitled mail and produced by Mailer Tuchman Media. He declares : ” It is difficult to find another person whose voice was more important in his time than that of Norman Mailer – he portrayed humanity in all its outrageous and ugly glory through a lens of his own. I look forward to the thrilling challenge of examining his wild legacy through this series. “.

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Started by the writer’s son, John BuffaloMailerit will be the first series entirely produced by the director of The Immigrant and D’AdAstra, who had designed an episode of The Red Road for Sundance TV. It will be based on the biography of Norman Mailer written by J.Michael Lennon (Norman Mailer: A Double Life), and will explore the rich life of the controversial writer. On this point, John Mailer said : ” This series will be an intimate chronicle of my father’s life, as well as his role in shaping American dialogue for more than half a century. As we examine this unique cultural moment that we live in America today, looking back at how we got here through one of the most fascinating, prophetic and controversial lenses of the 20th century will be an extraordinary tool for understand the path we have traveled and the one we still have to go. […] »

Rudy Langlaisexecutive producer of the series, added: Mailer dominated – and still dominates – American culture, in all its components, and lived an epic and complex life, made up of exquisite writing, violent confrontations, drunken life, explosive marriages, brilliant ideas , of clashes with fellow writers, feminists, cops, politicians – the whole gamut of America in a life lived not on the fringes but at the center of the tumult – which he largely created himself to be able to be the star. I worked with Mailer for 20 years. We couldn’t make it up, and we couldn’t find a better subject for a drama series. »

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