James Gunn advocates crossover between Marvel and DC superheroes

“Not impossible,” according to the director of Suicide Squad and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

And if the Avengers were helping Batman and superman to defeat Darkseid? And if the Guardians of the Galaxy were measured against the team of Suicide Squad ? James gunn is one of the few in Hollywood to have worked for both stables. The daddy of Guardians of the Galaxy is in charge of the reboot of The Suicide Squad, which will be released in theaters this summer.

He is therefore certainly the best placed to evoke the idea of ​​a crossover between the two competing teams, DC and Marvel. First, according to him, it is not excluded that this will happen one day!

I’ve spoken to executives at Marvel and DC about it on a casual basis. Because I wish that would happen“, he said on Twitter, during a discussion with the fans, before specifying:”I think it’s still unlikely (that it will ever happen), but I don’t think it’s totally impossible either. “

But he tempers in conclusion: while it may sound incredibly cool, that doesn’t mean it’ll make a good movie: “That said, constantly seeing crossovers and mashups is less enchanting for me than a strong story.

He is also annoyed by the obsession of fans for this kind of event: “I find it baffling that a lot of people seem more interested in crossovers, cameos, references and post-credits scenes than in the story and characters of a specific movie! When I make a movie I go 99, 9% of my time thinking about the story and the character and 0.1% the rest …” The voice of wisdom ?

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