James Gunn Could Do ‘Anything He Wanted’ For His R-Rated Suicide Squad

Or the happiness of being able to make “a huge film without rules!”

Update March 30, 2022: On the occasion of the first broadcast of The Suicide Squadthis evening on Canal +, we are republishing the words of its director concerning the freedom granted to him by Warner Bros to shoot a blockbuster as crazy as he wanted.

News of July 12, 2021: And if The Suicide Squad became the dirtiest and craziest superhero blockbuster ever released in cinemas? For now, the title is still owned by Dead Pool. Corn james gunn assures in a recent interview that he had the authorization to explore all the craziest delusions, a total freedom offered by the classification of the film in R-Rated (the maximum classification in the USA), whose director (to whom the we must also Guardians of the Galaxy) promises to have largely benefited, in a recent Empire magazine interview :

“With The Suicide Squad, I was able to do whatever I wanted, go exactly where I wanted. By that I mean, even though Marvel really gives me a lot of freedom, I still make PG-13 movies, for the widest possible audience. So this time, I loved this no-holds-barred approach, being able to make this huge movie without rules!”

Superman was almost the big bad of The Suicide Squad

Clearly, james gunn had a blast during filming, which producer Peter Safran confirms in the same interview:

“He told me it was the most fun film he had ever worked on. And that fun trickles down through the whole production! It was an amazing experience, because we were able to really make a film of james gunn without having to hold back.”

The Suicide Squad: the much darker end originally planned

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