James Mangold reveals some secrets of his Logan

“It’s my job to be open to new ideas at all times.”

Update of September 6, 2021: Logan, the last stand of Hugh Jackman in the skin of Wolverine, returns this evening on C8 (from 9:19 pm). Last year, its director, James Mangold, gave some anecdotes about the film released in 2017.

Article from June 2, 2020: The future director ofIndiana Jones 5, James Mangold, recently engaged in an online viewing session of his film Logan (released in 2017), the farewell of Hugh jackman to Wolverine and incidentally the reunion between the character, the interpreter and the director, four years later Wolverine battle of the immortal.

Mangold commented on the film from start to finish and shared some keys and various anecdotes like the very first scene shot was where Logan, Xavier and Laura are in the casino elevator … The director also unveiled some manufacturing secrets. We learned that the dinner scene where Professor Xavier (Patrick stewart) recalls his years as a teacher, with Logan as a poor student, was improvised by Jackman and Stewart. “It’s my job to be open to new ideas at all times. The script is a map, a draft. Filming is another rough draft. My biggest asset are my great actors. If they don’t know how to play, I only get half of what they offer“.

But of course, the most anticipated moment of this comment was the decryption [Spoiler Alert !!!] of the end of the film and the death of the hero.

The director explained his decision to have X-24 (Logan’s clone) killed by Laura (Dafne keen) rather than Logan himself: “I wanted the Logan who felt love to be essentially weaker than the version who felt nothing. Also, I wanted his daughter to have the last word, because the world was hers now. In the end, Logan is essentially trying to kill his own past, the dark legacy of Weapon X and all the pain he caused when he was a killing machine. I felt it had to be the best of himself that had to crush this demon. And the best of him was his daughter.

For Logan’s death, Mangold justifies his choice quite clearly: “In the end, I felt that the greatest tribute we could give to this great character created by this great actor was to allow him to leave this world after more than 200 years of pain, in a moment of love and of tenderness. “

The day after this video commentary, Hugh Jackman tweeted that Logan’s last line (“So that’s how it is“)”was one of the script’s master strokes. The right words to end a nine-movie arc.

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