Jamie Dornan missed out on Superman role opposite Henry Cavill, but he could join the MCU soon

The Fifty Shades of Gray actor definitely wants to play a superhero.

World famous for the role of Christian Gray in the erotic saga Fifty Shades of grey, Jamie Dornan will come back soon in Belfast, a historical film by Kenneth Branagh. Interviewed about his career leaves on New York Times, the Irish actor reveals that he would like to play a superhero in a big production, whether from DC Comics or Marvel. He details having lost the role of Superman to Henry Cavill in the early 2010s, but ensures that he does not give up, and that he even met Kevin Feige about a secret role within the MCU. “I am more ambitious than ever”, he explains, specifying that the death of his father made him want to shine. Since my daddy left, it has awakened this fire in me, this flame that burns and wants to succeed. “

This desire to interpret a superhero is indirectly linked to the journey of Robert Pattinson, he then specifies, his long-time friend whom he has seen evolve since the success of Twilight. Turning point for David Cronenberg (Cosmopolis, Maps to the Stars), James Gray (The Lost City of Z) or Christopher Nolan (Tenet) since the end of the saga, he will soon be the new Batman of the Warner Bros. “I would be lying if I told you I didn’t admire the way he played it fine, comments Dornan. With his relatives, they were very clever. Everything he’s done since Twilight was brought in in a smart and talented way. These movies are not funded on his name, it doesn’t matter whether he was in this billion dollar franchise. “

Here is the trailer for Belfast, which will be released on March 2, 2022 in France:

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