January 4 French box office: Spider-Man No Way Home keeps a head start

The King’s Man only starts in third position, between Tous en scene 2 and Les Tuche 4. (Source: Le Film Français)

In theaters for three weeks, Spider-Man: No Way Home at 5.6 million tickets have already been sold. Despite a 42% drop in attendance, it remains well above the mark of one million admissions recorded in 892 theaters in seven days. A big score, which eclipses the competition: The king’s man and The test are the only novelties that manage to enter the top 10, but only in third and seventh positions. A disappointing start for Matthew Vaughn’s action comedy, which sold 336,793 tickets in 503 theaters, compared to 566,643 and 641,173 for its predecessors, released in 2015 and 2017, which then totaled 1.6 and 1.7 million countermarks. The French comedy with Alexandra Lamy and Philippe Katerine, for its part, attracts 150,143 curious people in 434 theaters.

The mixed results of the 2021 box office in France and around the world

Among the continuities, The Tuche 4 and Encanto remain in the top 5: they drew more than 2 million spectators in theaters in six and four weeks, and Following All on stage is second, reaching 1.7 million in two weeks thanks to the 613,995 curious people displaced this week. Matrix 4 is the film which loses the most attendance (-56%), that is to say 223,335 admissions and 736,468 in fifteen days. Conversely, The Snow Leopard loses only 11% of its audience. In three weeks, the film drew 300,000 curious viewers in 447 theaters.

French weekly box office from December 29, 2021 to January 4, 2022:

January 4 French box office: Spider-Man No Way Home keeps a head start
French Film / ComScore

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