Javier Bardem reflects on the “disaster” of The Last Face, Sean Penn’s film destroyed at Cannes 2016

“It was like a funeral,” recalls the Spanish actor.

Javier Bardem has a great history with the Cannes Film Festival, where he received one of the most prestigious awards of his career: the Best Actor Award for Biutiful by Alejandro González Iñárritu, in 2010. But there have also been difficult times. One, in particular, during the presentation of The Last Facewhich was in competition at the Festival in 2016.

In this film directed by Sean Penn, Bardem played a surgeon who lived an impossible love story in Africa with an NGO director (Charlize Theron). A drama “doctors of the world”, weighed down by its clumsy ethnocentrism and its dripping glamour, which the press had massacred. “It was like a funeral“, explained the Spanish actor during a question-and-answer session organized in Cannes, Salle Bunuel, as part of the celebrations for the 75th edition of the Festival (via Deadline).

Cannes 2016: The Last Face by Sean Penn receives the worst score ever from international critics

It was a disaster. But, let me tell you, it was a big disaster. It’s good to come to a festival like Cannes and be booed, it reminds us that what we do can be catastrophic, otherwise we have too high a sense of self. I have my personal opinion on what this movie was. We worked hard on it (I’ve never made a film where people didn’t work hard). But we missed it. People saw it, people talked about it, and the rules of the festival were totally changed after that. Now we can’t post reviews on the day of the film’s presentation, because the presentation of this film that day was like a funeral. But I laughed it off. I said to myself : ‘this is what it’s like to make films’. sometimes you do No Country for Old Men, sometimes you make a film like that. That’s life.”

Javier Bardem will shoot the sequel to Dunes. In France, it will soon be on the bill of El Buen Patron, a role that won him the Goya 2022 for best actor. Trailer :

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