Jaws 19: When the fake Back to the Future 2 movie got a real trailer

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Jaws 19: the real trailer for the fake movie from Back to the Future 2

Directed by Max Spielberg, 4 years old during the release of the cult film by Robert Zemeckis!

In October 2015, to celebrate the 30 years of Back to the future, Universal has released a blu-ray box set with many new bonuses, including a video where Christopher lloyd found Doc’s costume for a sketch and the trailer for a fake movie that should amuse fans of the trilogy: Jaws 19. In Back to the Future 2, Marty (Michael j fox) passes in front of a cinema which offers this sequel 100% invented and supposedly directed by Max Spielberg, the son of Steven, producer of Back to the Future and director Jaws. Max was only four years old when this second episode came out. Aged in his thirties at the time of the box’s release, he agreed to make a trailer for his fake film, which mocks the multiple sequels, prequels and reboots that continue to flourish in Hollywood. As in the end credits of 22 Jump Street, where the titles of suites more improbable than the others.

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Here is also the poster of Jaws 19 :

Robot sharks, sharks in space, sharks in love … To play with imaginary productions released in an alternate reality is fun, even if in fact, Universal is really thinking of rebooting Jaws. As Back to the future, Besides. Robert zemeckis, the director of the trilogy, strongly opposes it. Here is the trailer for Back to the Future 2, which will return this evening on TMC:

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