JCVD: “I still want to believe in my dreams, even though I’m 60”

Meet the star of The Last Mercenary, who has just arrived on Netflix.

Jean Claude Van Damme is the star of the moment on Netflix. The platform uploaded around fifteen films carried by “the Muscles of Brussels” in recent days, to wait until the release of his new action comedy, the Last mercenary. On this occasion, the actor gave us a long interview, where he is particularly touching by evoking both the tops and the flops of his career, but also his hopes, the passing of time, and his physical form that he manages to maintain it, even if he admits that he regrets not being as good in martial arts as before. Here is an excerpt from this captivating interview to find in kiosks within First n ° 520, with Fast & Furious 9 on the cover, or for online purchase by clicking here.

JCVD: “The French have always been really nice to me, they like me a lot”

The film seems in any case to launch a franchise where you, the old lone wolf of French intelligence, would team up with a bunch of young people.

What I love these young actors! They were so nice to me. I have a lot of trouble now with French. I block, I look for my words, I translate expressions poorly and people often laugh at me. Not them. They have always helped me, encouraged me. Adorable.

And this idea of ​​becoming, at the very beginning of your sixties, a gang man, when you have always been a lonely hero, does that ring a bell?

A little, a little … It depends on the films. There, for example, I will soon be making my very last martial arts film and … (He stops dead.) Finally, let’s say instead that I dream of making this film, but I don’t know yet if it will be possible. Come on let’s say yes: I’ll do it! I still want to believe in my dreams, even though I’m 60 years old. We resume: I will soon make my last martial arts film. I told it in detail to Nick Vallelonga, who will write it. Do you see who he is? He’s the one who co-scripted Green Book, based on his father’s life. So I told him this story for half an hour and, and, and … (He pauses.) Do you mind if I speak English? It is a subject that matters. It will be easier for me.

Go ahead yes, of course …
(It resumes in English, now with a submachine gun flow.) So there you have it, Vallelonga fell in love with this story. The working title is Headlock. But that will not be the real title of the film! It’s a decoy! It’s going to be really hard to do because, if I can swing some awesome moves again, I have the skin of an old fish now. In any case, it’s the kind of film that can win an award, we believe it.

How do you feel today, physically? Apart from the skin of “Old fish”

Sometimes I think back to that time when I would put a piece of chalk between my toes, and then I would lift my leg up to my face, and I could write my name with chalk like that, on a blackboard. (He puts his money where his mouth is, faces a wall, he lifts his leg again very high and very well.) And it was well written, believe me, as if it was my hand that did it. Well, that’s it and it makes me a little sad. But I’ve trained so much my whole life that I can kick you right in the face and you’ll never see it coming. I arm with my knee, I enter the opponent’s guard with my foot, and I turn as if it was a punch. Before you can do that, you need real glute control and strength. All this only thanks to work. But I quickly lose my breath that said. But hey: 60 years old, eh.

Trailer of the Last mercenary :

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