Jean-Claude Van Damme, in his JCVD ​​vein, is overwhelmingly credible in Lukas [critique]

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Julien Leclerq’s action film returns to CStar.

A few months after its first unencrypted television broadcast, Lukas is already coming back to CStar. When it was released in the summer of 2018, the editorial staff was a little disappointed by this action film, but still recognized that its star, Jean Claude Van Damme, was perfectly believable in the lead role. The actor is also very proud of this role, as he explained to us recently by reviewing his experiences in French.

JCVD: “The French have always been really nice to me, they like me a lot”

Here is our review of Lukas : Fired for a fight, a returning nightclub bouncer finds a new job in a Brussels strip club run by the mafia and becomes an informer in spite of himself. Nothing to say about the performance of Jean-Claude Van Damme, in his vein JCVD, obviously upsetting credibility in the skin of the bouncer; the rest of the film is the problem. Lukas is a thriller with particularly badly written twists, with often appalling dialogues and flashy staging (the attack on the house in a sequence shot is conspicuous by its uselessness). Julien Leclerc’s previous film, Robbers, was much more effective because it was reduced to the point of humility. There, we no longer play.

Trailer :

Jean Claude Van Damme: “Lukas is not a Van Damme”

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