Jeff Bridges announces his cancer is in remission

Jeff Bridges announces his cancer is in remission

The Big Lebowski actor is doing better. He also recovered from the Covid.

Last October, Jeff Bridges announced on social media that he had lymphoma, cancer of the lymphatic system. Two months later, he had shaved his head and embarked on a long medical journey, but explained that he felt good. He added that he would keep his fans regularly informed of his state of health on his website.

Cancer-fighting Jeff Bridges updates with photo

Thing promised, thing due: the 71-year-old comedian shared a message announcing that he wast “in remission”, that his “mass of 25cm in diameter was reduced to the size of a marble” and that he was even recovering from the effects of the Covid: “It knocked me out badly, but now I’m doubly vaccinated and I feel much better.” He nevertheless specifies that he must have been put on oxygen for some time. “Until recently, I needed it to move around. The sound reminded me of Darth Vader’s breath.”. He thanks the medical team around him, as well as his family, for their support. “I had one goal: to bring my daughter Hayley to the altar. She married a great guy, Justin Shane. Thanks to Zack and all the great medical team, I was not only able to walk her to the shrine. at the altar while walking, but we were also able to treat ourselves to a father-daughter dance WITHOUT OXYGEN. “ He even shares a video of this lovely moment.

Jeff Bridges finally adds that he is eager to return to the set of The Old Man, the FX series in which he plays a CIA agent, of which he shares a few images for the occasion:

Even Jeff Bridges can’t help but see The Big Lebowski again

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