Jeff Bridges talks about the great films of his career [vidéos]

VIDEOS - Jeff Bridges talks about the great films of his career

On the occasion of the release of Tron L’Héritage, we had met Jeff Bridges, icon of 70’s and 80’s cinema who looked back on his “cults classics”, the little-known masterpieces of his career.

Good news : Jeff Bridges feel better. A little less than a year after announcing that he was suffering from cancer of the lymphatic system, 71-year-old comedian reveals to be in remission. To celebrate, we are sharing an interview with the star of The Big Lebowski, who looked back in 2011 on some key films of his career for

We had met him precisely on the occasion of the release of Tron The Legacy, a few months after receiving the Golden Globe for Best Actor for Crazy Heart, and shortly before his role in True Grit, of the Coen brothers. “Thanks, but still… do you realize that with that you just screwed up my reputation as an underrated actor?” It is with these words that Jeff Bridges had accepted this prestigious award. And he was right. As if to verify his Golden Globes joke, he was asked about a few movies “underestimated” of his long career. Enter the vomit of her hearing for Fat city of John huston or the murderous critics of The Gate of Heaven of Michael cimino that he still has not digested, meeting with a true legend.

The last chance (Fat city) by John Huston (1972):

Stay hungry by Bob Rafelson (1976):

The injury (Cutter’s Way) by Ivan Passer (1981):

The Gate of Heaven (Heaven’s Gate) by Michael Cimino (1980):

The Ducker (Thunderbolt and Lightfoot) by Michael Cimino (1974):

Eight million ways to die (8 Million Ways to Die) by Hal Ashby (1986):

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