Jeff Goldblum: “On Jurassic Park, Steven Spielberg refused rehearsals”

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Jeff Goldblum: "On Jurassic Park, Steven Spielberg refused rehearsals"

The interpreter of Dr. Ian Malcolm tells us about the filming of the first two Jurassic Park, while The Lost World returns to television.

The lost World, released in 1997 at the cinema, will return tonight on TMC. The TF1 group is indeed benefiting from the cinema release of Jurassic World 3 at the cinema to rebroadcast the first episodes of the saga. That’s good, in the latest issue of First (n°530, June 2022, with Tom Cruise on the cover), one of its leading actors, Jeff Goldblumagreed to tell us about the leading directors of his career. Steven Spielberg figures prominently among the directors with whom he preferred to work, explaining that he is above all “a huge director of actors.” Extract.

The Lost World Jurassic Park: Steven Spielberg’s Disenchanted Blockbuster

“It’s a little boring, but Steven is exactly as we always describe him: genuine, friendly, generous. And a huge director of actors. On Jurassic Park, he refused rehearsals, he was not interested in sparking off the spark without the camera on. Because afterwards, he was going to have to try to recreate the moment on the set, and it must have seemed artificial to him. There is a danger – relative, eh – for actors to work in this way. I loved that, that adrenaline rush. I was ultra-prepared – he expected no less – but he left a lot of room for improvisation and the unexpected. And all this with the enthusiasm of a kid. You feel that he has absolute confidence in you, that he wants you to have fun, and at the same time, his vigilance at all times forces you to be at your top level. But without any violence, on the contrary. It’s a process that pushes you to make bold interpretive choices. On the other hand, it catches you on the fly if you let yourself go… On The lost World, I had a little plan with Vince Vaughn and Julianne Moore: we were to watch the bad guys in the distance doing their bad stuff. (Laughs.) I looked super concerned, trying to be a little subtle, like the guy lost in thought. Obviously, that wasn’t what he wanted. (Laughs.) Steven told me: “Jeff, invest yourself in the moment! Put your intention into it!” Even on a minimal reverse shot, he lets nothing pass. That must be it, the mark of the greats.”

Steven Spielberg – Jurassic Park: “If you don’t believe in dinosaurs, there are no movies”

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