Jeff Goldblum stars in Search Party’s final season trailer

Search Party Season 5

One last trip to Dory’s world …

The first seasons of Search Party followed the amateur detectives through “a disorderly private investigation, a semi-accidental murder, an absurd cover-up and a sensational trial “, according to the official description of the crazy HBO series, which will go further, for its conclusion!

In season 5, after a near death experience, Dory will become the business partner of a charming tech billionaire played by Jeff Goldblum. The director John Waters will also be a guest star in this season 5 where Dory will team up with this Tunnel Quinn (Goldblum) and will take his old friends Portia, Elliott and Drew with her …

Season 5 of Search Party will launch on Friday, January 7, 2022, with all 10 episodes of the season available on the US streaming service. In France, the series can be seen on OCS.

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