Jeff Goldblum tells us about dinos, Dominion and his series on Disney + [exclu]

The World according to Jeff Goldblum

While waiting for the release of Jurassic World 3 and to find Ian Malcolm with his Theory of Chaos, Jeff Goldblum is back in streaming to explore the world in his own way.

Jeff Goldblum is back on Disney Plus! In recent days, the streaming platform has offered its subscribers the 5 new episodes of the docu-series in which the Hollywood actor looks at various themes, with the help of experts, making some surprising discoveries in the process … To date, 17 episodes of World according to Jeff Goldblum are available on Disney + … but still none on dinos ?!

A shame for the star of 69 years, remained in the annals of the 7th art for his role in Jurassic Park ! Especially since Jeff Goldblum is still totally immersed in the universe of T-Rex, since he was filming in recent months the next opus of the franchise, Jurassic World: Dominion (The World After in VF). For Première, the interpreter of Dr.Ian Malcolm admits that he would, indeed, very much like to look at the dinos, in the continuation of the World according to Jeff Goldblum :

“Without a doubt, this could be part of our next topics! Especially what to do Jurassic World 3 – which will be released next summer in the cinema (June 8, 2022 in France, editor’s note) – it gave me the opportunity to reexamine this universe and also the Chaos Theory, the specialty of Ian Malcom, who is a mathematician. Through this experience, ie Ian Malcom’s experience with dinosaurs, I developed a greater interest in the planet and the environment and the coexistence of species. How we coexist and cohabit with all the creatures on this Earth who all deserve as much freedom and security as we … “, entrusts us Jeff Goldblum, before revealing this anecdote on Jurassic World: Dominion.

Jurassic Park music is cooler with lyrics for Jeff Goldblum

“I have this line in the movie … I don’t want to reveal anything specific – and if it turns out it might not even be cut in the edit – but Ian Malcolm said at one point,” Not only are we not ‘have no dominion (“Dominion”) over nature, but we are even subordinate to it! “

The actor says to himself “fascinated “ From the point of view of Ian Malcom “and by his experience with dinosaurs. And more generally by the experience of Earth with dinosaurs. It’s a fascinating subject. I’ve always been interested in it and I can’t wait to see our film … I think it’s going to be great! “

Jeff Goldblum Ian Malcolm

While waiting to find the deadly reptiles of prehistoric times, Jeff Goldblum looked into the question of “Monsters”, in season 2 of his Disney Plus series: “I have a great history with them“, he smiles, explaining that for this theme of World according to Jeff Goldblum, he visited Phil Tippett, The great animator who won an Oscar for Jurassic Park and Star Wars. It was incredibly rewarding, a unique moment, the kind of thing that marks you for life. We went straight to this mysterious forest in northern California to search for Bigfoot … “

From monsters to dinos, it’s just a step away Jeff Goldblum would cross with joy for his documentary saga, as long as it respects his leitmotif: All you need to know is that you can learn while having fun. Exploration and adventure are fun. Science is fun, exciting, cool, and people are always a deep source of knowledge. mystery…”

And maybe even after exploring dinosaurs from top to bottom, the actor will leave Earth to go see what’s going on in the stars: “You can count on me if we have to go to space! I’m very interested in all of this, fascinated by this debate about whether our species could possibly go and live elsewhere and how we could travel great distances by folding it. space and time …

From Chaos Theory to astrophysics, Jeff Goldblum does not lack inspiration. But until then, it will stay on more down to earth themes: dance, dogs or fireworks are on the menu for season 2 of the World according to Jeff Goldblum, already available on Disney +.

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