Jennifer Carpenter opens up on Deb’s return to Dexter

Dexter season 9 jennifer carpenter
Showtime via EW

“She won’t be just a voice in her head. I don’t think it’s that easy …”

Deb is back! But how exactly? This will be one of the major elements of season 9 of Dexter, this autumn. The serial killer’s sister, obviously killed in 2013 in the series’ first finale, will haunt her brother in any way she can, like explain it Jennifer carpenter to EW :

“She won’t be just a voice in her head. I don’t think it’s that simple. It’s part of the subject of the discussions we had from the start. What good would I be by coming back? For me, the real good reason to pick up the show was that we could show what would happen to an unmedicated, uncontrolled, unpunished, exposed serial killer. has a pass in this man’s head? I wanted Deb to come back to haunt him, console him, support him, encourage him, love him, hate him and ruin him. So it’s hard to sum up. We don’t ‘We never shot anything in order. The whole production went like a freeway and my character is kind of this weird, spooky side road that goes to a totally different place. “

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Jennifer carpenter continues and assures that Deb left with enormous regret. In particular those of not having put handcuffs on his brother. “She should have put him in jail and he should have suffered in jail. Not that he would have suffered, because in fact he will always be a stranger to shame and guilt. But that would clearly have been the right and honorable thing to do at the time … “

Will Deb’s ghost do what the real Deb couldn’t do? Convince his serial killer brother to go to justice? Answer in Dexter: New Blood, from November 7 on the Showtime channel in the USA. No date yet in France.

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