Jeremy Renner: “A new Bourne without Jason Bourne? Before I read the script, I was ready to send them off”


Jeremy Renner hesitated before signing on to be the hero of this spin-off.

Update of November 30, 2021: While Jeremy Renner takes center stage with the launch of his Hawkeye series on Disney Plus, NRJ12 rebroadcasts Jason Bourne The Legacy, a spin-off of the action saga usually worn by Matt Damon which was released in theaters in 2012. At the time, First had been able to ask the actor a few questions. Flashback.

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Article from September 19, 2012: Ironically, it is when Jason Bourne no longer appears in the saga that the new opus sees his name integrated into the title. The previous sections, carried by Matt damon, were called in French The memory in the skin, The death in the skin and The Bourne Ultimatum, in reference to the novels of Robert ludlum, which inspired the main lines of the plot. The spin-off which will be broadcast tonight on France 2 could have been called The heritage in the skin, following this logic, but the French distributors simply preferred to translate the original title, which suddenly includes the name of the hero: Jason Bourne The Legacy (in fact, a novel titled The Bourne Legacy is available in French under the name Fear in the skin, but his story is not repeated in the film).

One way to link this new blockbuster to the previous trilogy. Moreover, in the film, references to Bourne are numerous: we see his name engraved in a hut, we see his photo, and we hear that this over-trained agent “was just the tip of the iceberg”. If we follow another agent, Aaron Cross (played by Jeremy renner), we are regularly reminded on the screen that it is indeed the same saga, as if the film crew had only one desire: to bring the two characters together in a future sequel.

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We are not there, but when the film was released in theaters, Renner also admitted in Première that he was surprised when he was offered the lead role of a Bourne spin-off without the main hero. “I remember having discovered The Memory in the Skin at the cinema ten years ago. After thinking, “The cow …”, I got jealous of that goddamn Matt Damon because he’s such a great role. I was a fan of the saga, so when I was approached for this fourth installment, my first reaction was to say: ‘What? Do you want to make a new Bourne in Jason Bourne? ‘ Before reading the script, I was ready to send them out for a walk, the idea seemed so absurd to me. “

He then details that he changed his mind when he discovered that he would not play the same hero in the film, but another agent, similarly trained as Jason. Except that he is in full possession of his means: he has no memory problem. The actor also explains that he did not ask himself too many questions, so as not to put pressure on himself at the idea of ​​succeeding Damon. Especially since the actor left the franchise on a whim, Renner didn’t have the blessing of his elder brother: “If there’s pressure, it’s not on me, it’s on the film. From the moment I knew we had a good storyline and that the fans weren’t going to be disappointed, I was sure of my shot. “

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Trailer for this spin-off:

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