Jeremy Renner’s first appearance? It was in Total Alarm (1995)

Jeremy Renner's 1st appearance?  It was in Total Alarm (1995)
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At 24, the interpreter of Hawkeye started with a main role in the cinema!

As he returns with his own Marvel TV series, Hawkeye, zoom on the career of Jeremy renner. At 50, the American comedian has spent a little more than half of his life in Hollywood, debuting in 1995 in the schoolboy comedy. Total alarm. Dreaming of being an actor at the age of 19, he started on the boards in San Francisco, before moving to Los Angeles to try his luck on the big screen and on television. Good pick: from his beginnings, he signed for a leading role, in this comedy directed by Kelly Makin entitled in VO National Lampoon’s Senior Trip in the original pitch: caught in the act of partying in his principal’s house, his character, D’Agostino, is punished along with his group of friends. In glue, they must write to the President of the United States a letter on the subject of education, and against all expectations, this one will challenge the leader, who invites the group to the Congress of Washington to expose their ideas there!

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Recording nearly $ 5 million in the US when it was released in the late summer of 95, the film didn’t flop (because it hadn’t cost a lot), but it didn’t either. was especially noticed outside the country, so that Jeremy Renner will finally take nearly fifteen years to break through to the general public, thanks to the war film of Kathryn Bigelow, Minesweepers, which earned him his first Oscar nomination in 2010 (he would have another one a year later for The Town, by Ben Affleck). Between these two important films of his career, he nevertheless shot a lot, both on television (we can see it in the series Les Experts, Angel, Dr. House and others) than in the cinema, obtaining supporting roles in SWAT, 28 days later Where The assassination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford.

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In 2009, the release of Minesweepers marks a real turning point in the career of Jeremy Renner, who is then courted for many blockbusters. He joins the saga Avengers with Thor, by Kenneth Branagh, in the role of Clint Barton / Hawkeye, a character he thus finds today on Disney Plus, then he also integrates two other successful franchises: Impossible mission and Jason bourne. This does not prevent him from signing between two blockbusters for independent projects, such as American bluff, by David O. Russell, The Immigrant, by James Gray or Wind river, by Taylor Sheridan, cinema side, but also for the series Louie, by Louis CK, in 2014. It was during this same period that he launched into production, supporting the political thriller State secret, by Michael Cuesta, a director with whom he sympathized on the set of the little film Twelve and Holding, in 2005. He has since helped fund The founder, film about the creator of McDonalds worn by Michael Keaton, in 2016.

Jeremy Renner: “A new Bourne without Jason Bourne? Before I read the script, I was ready to send them off”

In 2021, Jeremy Renner is 100% involved with Marvel, participating in Black widow, released earlier this year in the cinema, but also in the animated series What If … ?. The one devoted to Hawkeye, which we cannot really qualify as “solo” since he teams up with Kate Bishop (Heilee Steinfeld), is a good surprise. In the spirit of Die Hard, she just arrived on Disney Plus.

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