Jerusalem: a stunning geopolitical thriller at Séries Mania (review)

ITV Studios

The exploration of the religious powder keg that is the holy city or how the local police try to enforce order, without starting a war …

The least we can say is that it is aptly named. Jerusalem is downright a character in its own right in the eponymous series unveiled in the official selection at Séries Mania. A complex, fascinating, disturbing character. The holy city is filmed as rarely, from the inside, showing through its old alleys how Jews, Muslims and Christians live together in a powder keg status quo.

It is in the form of a thriller that David Akerman portrays this Jerusalem modern, feverish with palpable instability. Or how Amir, a seasoned but tired police officer, tries to enforce the law and maintain a semblance of order, without triggering a new Holy War, while the extremists have fun raising tensions and resentment in the within the population.

Built on the toxic foundations of struggles for centuries-old influences, this city overloaded with history is an absolutely unique production setting. A fiction with crazy ambition, without bias, which tries to show every facet of the insoluble equation of living together.

The Israeli creator analyzes under a microscope this society which asks only to explode. A hyperrealistic geopolitical and detective drama, which succeeds in the crazy bet of keeping the spectator in suspense, while delving into the crucial question of the territorial war in which the multitude of monotheistic religions are engaged on the spot.

Jerusalem does not have a broadcaster in France at the moment.

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