Jessica Biel: “Cruel Summer will appeal to those who love The Sinner”

Cruel Summer

The criminal series lands today on Amazon Prime Video.

After the success of The sinner, whose season 4 is expected soon, Jessica biel and her fellow producer Michelle Purple pulled off another nice shot with Cruel Summer. A teen crime drama set over three summers, set in the 90s, which tells about Kate and Jeanette’s nightmare, through three different points of view. After being a hit in the USA on the Freeform channel, season 1 of Cruel Summer lands this August 6 in France on the Amazon Prime Video platform.

Subscribers will therefore discover Kate Wallis (Olivia Holt), a popular girl with an almost perfect life who suddenly disappears one day. Jeanette Turner (Chiara Aurelia), high school student intellectual and not well integrated, is then accused of having a link with this disappearance … “JI think I identify more with Jeanette “, tells us Jessica biel, interviewed by Première. “When I was young, I was the type to be part of the theater club. With the other kids a little geek. I was not so much of those who had lots of friends. And then at that time, I was already working on Seven at Home. When I got to college, everyone knew me, but no one spoke to me, and I didn’t know how to talk to them. I moved around a lot and often felt at home. ‘gap. I think I missed a lot of social life back then, because I was filming … “

Now a successful producer, she has been a hit since 2017 with The sinner, of which she was the first star during season 1, giving herself the means to succeed: “In this business, I waited quite a few years by the phone, for the auditions to arrive, for someone to come and get me to give me an opportunity. But television has changed dramatically. There is more and more content, about women a lot. And as a woman, you can take charge and decide to tell the story you want to tell, with the people you want. It’s a liberating experience to have power over the script, the casting. I find it much more rewarding. I am responsible for my own career now. I’m too old to sit and wait by the phone … And if the show isn’t good, I’m ready to take it on. To take failure on me. I have no problem with that. I prefer that than having no control at all over the project. “

No worries with Cruel Summer, since the series was very well received in the United States. It is even already renewed for a season 2. It must be said that Jessica biel and Michelle purple know the recipe: “Cruel Summer will definitely appeal to those who love The sinner. There are similarities between the two series. They are both psychological dramas, with a mystery in the center, big twists … After that we are not in the same age group, not in the same time either. I believe that around us people even prefer Cruel Summer To The sinner ! Maybe also because she has this rather fun little nostalgia side, when The sinner is something heavier, darker. We also learned, thanks to The sinner, that we must give answers. We marinate, and then at one point, we have to solve a mystery, then another, then another … We cannot leave the public unanswered and throw everything away in the end!

Season 1 of Cruel Summer, in 10 episodes, can be seen on Amazon Prime Video in France.

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