Jim Carrey Considers Retiring From Acting: ‘I’ve Had Enough!’

Doctor Robotnik Jim Carrey
Paramount Pictures France

Will Sonic 2 be his last role? In any case, the legend of The Mask announces that he wants to at least take a break.

In the wake of the sad announcement of Bruce Willis, it is another cult actor of the 1990s who could bow out of Hollywood this year. jim carrey announcement in a recent interview with Access his intention to retire and put away his acting costume.

“Well…I’m retiring!“launched the actor in full promotion of Sonic 2. Is he really serious? “Yes…probably”respond jim carrey, who does not thus throw his words in the air. “JI’m serious enough, yes. It depends you know… If the angels bring me a script written in gold ink that suggests to me that this is going to be a really important piece of work to see, then I might be back in service at some point. But at least I’m taking a break! I really like my quiet life… I paint on canvas, I now have a spiritual life that I like…

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And jim carrey adds: “It’s something you might never hear from another celebrity, but I’ve had enough. I’ve done enough. I’m enough now.”

So his incarnation of Dr. Robotnik might just be his very last role. Although this is not the first time jim carrey thus puts his career on hold. The first opus of sonicin 2020, already marked the return of the former Ace Ventura in a studio film after the release of Dumb and Dumber To in 2014. Between the two, the actor made a few independent films and especially the series kidding with Michael Gondry.

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