Jim Carrey: ‘In Chris Rock’s shoes, I would have sued Will Smith for $200 million’

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The actor shares his thoughts on Will Smith’s slap at the 94th Academy Awards.

In full promotion for sonic 2, jim carrey said in a CBS interview that he was “disgusted” by gesture of Will Smith towards Chris Rock. The comedian’s joke about alopecia Jada Pinkett Smith did not please the actor, who got up and did not hesitate to give him a slap.

I was disgusted that people applauded him [après sa victoire pour La méthode Williams]. Hollywood is soft and it just gave me this very clear impression: we are no longer the cool club at all “. For Carrey, Smith should have been escorted out. He adds: ” [Chris Rock] don’t want to get in trouble. Me, in the morning, I would have announced to file a complaint against Will and asked for 200 million dollars, because this video will remain for life. It will be ubiquitous. This insult will last a very long time. If you want to shout from the public and show your disapproval or say something, do it on Twitter. But you’re not allowed to go on stage and slap someone for saying something. It happened out of nowhere. Will there’s something frustrated inside of him, and I wish him the best, really. I have nothing against Will Smith, he did great things. But it was not a good time. It put a veil on everyone else’s moments of glory. […] It’s selfish”.

The Real Richard Williams Condemns Will Smith’s Oscar Slap

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences has officially sentenced Smith’s shares the following day. The latter also apologized to Chris Rock on social networks, explaining that he “ crossed the line and [qu’il a] was wrong », his actions not being representative of the man he wants to be.

Will Smith apologizes to Chris Rock: ‘I’m ashamed’

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