Joaquin Phoenix is ​​back in C’mon C’mon after his Oscar for Joker [bande-annonce]

Joaquin Phoenix, in black and white in the next film by Mike Mills (20th Century Women), tells about the conditions necessary for visiting Earth, between sadness and joy.

“To visit planet Earth, you must be born as a human child” said Joaquin phoenix, hero of the new film by Mike Mills (20th Century Women) entitled C’mon C’mon and whose first trailer has just been released after several months of mystery around this A24 production.

In this feature film shot in black and white, Phoenix starred after winning the 2020 Oscars for his role in Joker, the actor plays an artist having to take care of his nephew whose father is bipolar. Together, they travel through America for an initiatory road trip. If this synopsis is the one announced in the media, the trailer presents a refined plot, where only the characters and their emotions show through. Guided by the voice of Joaquin Phoenix, they follow the many steps necessary to visit Earth, and therefore to learn about life. A cycle, made up of sadness, joy, noise and discoveries, which must be repeated endlessly.

If no specific release date has yet been given, C’mon C’mon is announced for next November. The spectators will then be able to find Joaquin Phoenix on screen, surrounded by Gaby Hoffmann and Woody Norman.

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