Jodie Foster will star in True Detective season 4

Jodie Foster will star in True Detective season 4

She will investigate in The Arctic with a teammate.

variety reveals that HBO has found the interpreter of one of the two heroines of True Detective – season 4in the person of Jodie Foster. The star of Silence of the Lambs will play a certain Liz Danvers, investigating the mysterious disappearance of six men based in a research station in Ennis, Alaska. She will team up with Evangeline Navarro, a detective that production has yet to cast.
Currently titled True Detective: Night Countrythis season 4 will be written by Issá Lopez (who made the film Tigers Are Not Afraid, in 2017). She will also direct the pilot and co-produce alongside Barry Jenkins (Moonlight).

The casting of an actress as popular as Jodie Foster represents a new “cut” for HBO, which changed teams each season to better surprise the public. Each time, it was a 5-star cast: Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson played the first investigators, in 2014, then Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, Vince Vaughn and Taylor Kitsch signed for season 2, in 2015, and a third story was carried by Mahershala Ali and Stephen Dorff, in 2019. Since its creation, True Detective has been nominated for 23 Emmy Awards, recalls Variety. The series has already won five.

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