John Woo returns to Hollywood with a silent action movie!

Joel Kinnaman, recently seen in Suicide Squad, should be there.

More than fifteen years after the release of his last American feature film Paycheck (2003), in which Ben Affleck starred, John woo announces his return to Hollywood soil with a new action film, this time without any dialogue.

Soberly titled Silent Night, this production should follow a father, evolving in the world of illegality to avenge the death of his son. According to Deadline, who first announced the news, all of Hollywood is already in turmoil over this project.

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If very little information has so far been revealed about this new film by the director from Hong Kong, it seems that the leading role has already been attributed to Joel kinnaman, recently featured on The Suicide Squad by James Gunn, released July 28, 2021.

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The film is currently in negotiations to be funded by Captone, with the producers of John wick Basil Iwanyk, Erica Lee, Christian Mercuri and Lori Tilkin to produce alongside Capstone’s Joe Gatta and Ruzanna Kegeyan.

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