Johnny Depp became unwanted because of his behavior, claims his former agent

Johnny Depp, the implosion

Tracey Jacobs, who represented the actor for 30 years, denies that Amber Heard is the cause of his fall from grace in Hollywood.

The trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard delivered a new episode. And it is not to the advantage of the 58-year-old actor. While he attacks his ex-wife for defamation, believing that his accusations cost him many roles, and therefore a huge loss of earnings, his former agent came to undermine this version at the helm.

Tracey Jacobs represented the star for 30 years before being fired in 2016. According to her, Depp was at one time “the biggest star in the world“, but it was his behavior and his addictions that jeopardized his career in Hollywood, reports the THR. Regularly late on the sets, he slowed down the production of films, and he had started to use a headset to have his dialogues dictated to him.

Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard: no one will win the trial

His star tarnished because it became difficult to find him roles because of the reputation he had acquired with his repeated delays and other things.“, testified Jacobs, adding that “people were talkingof his drug and alcohol problems.

Before, film crews loved him because he was always great, but they don’t like to wait for hours for the star to arrive on set. It quickly went around the middle. It’s a small community. People became reluctant to work with him after a while“.

Tina Newman, an executive producer at Disney, also disputed Johnny Depp’s version, saying she was unaware of a connection between Amber Heard’s op-ed, published in 2018 in the washington post, and the fact that he was dropped from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Conversely, she cited internal email discussions about Depp’s behavior on and off set.

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