Johnny Depp feels boycotted in Hollywood

Johnny Depp Minamata

“But you know? I’m moving on. I need to put everything back in order, to find some light.”

Johnny Depp gave a rare interview to Sunday Times, on the occasion of the release in England of Minamata, a film about photographer Eugene Smith, directed by Andrew Levitas. This artist, who immortalized the Pacific War for the magazine Life, gradually isolated himself, living like a recluse, except when he traveled for his reports, in particular when he wanted to denounce industrial mercury pollution in Minamata, Japan, in 1971.

This drama was filmed in 2019, but it does not yet have a US release date. Its director considers that MGM “buried” the film follows the legal problems of the star, Johnny Depp being at the heart ofa long divorce process, after the complaint filed in 2016 by his ex-wife Amber Heard, who accuses him of domestic violence. The actor recognizes that the situation is complicated, but argues that the film deserves to be seen, without taking into account his personal concerns. “We looked all the people of Minamata in the eye and promised them we wouldn’t take advantage of them, he explains. That the film would be respectful of their history. I think we kept our promise, but those who came later must keep theirs. Some films are capable of reaching people, and you can feel that with Minamata. Why wouldn’t people have access to it? Because Hollywood is boycotting me? Because a man, an actor, has been in an unpleasant and chaotic situation for a couple of years? But you know ? I advance. I need to put everything back in order, to find some light. “

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