Johnny Depp warns against Cancel Culture

Johnny Depp at the 69th San Sebastian Festival
Andrews Archie / ABACA

“I promise you no one is safe.”

Present at the San Sebastián Film Festival to receive an award for his career, actor Johnny Depp looked back on the legal episodes that have affected his life in recent years. Accused of domestic violence by his ex-wife Amber Heard (Aquaman), in 2016, the interpreter of Jack Sparrow has since been at the heart of a highly publicized trial and considers that he has suffered the Cancel Culture head-on. Saying to himself recently “boycotted by Hollywood”, he was forced to quit several big productions, especially those of Fantastic Beasts and of Pirates of the Caribbean.

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Asked about Cancel Culture by a journalist upon receiving the festival’s Donostia Award, Johnny Depp said it was a “complex situation” because she “can be seen as an event in history that has lasted as long as it has lasted, this Cancel Culture or this instant rush of judgment based essentially on what amounts to polluted air that is … exhaled”. He adds feeling safe in such an interconnected world, addressing “the best intentions” behind these campaigns.

However, he warns against such movements, adding that no one is safe from undergoing them. “It’s so out of control now that I can promise you that no one is safe. Not a single one of you. Not a single one of you … as long as someone is willing to say one. only one sentence. One sentence is enough and there is no longer a pedestal. “ Stating that he is not the only one to suffer it, he does however make allusions to his own experience, in connection with the trials between him and Amber Heard and The Sun : “It has happened to a lot of people. This stuff has happened to women, men and children who have suffered from various kinds of ailments and who unfortunately at some point start to think it is. normal.”

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In conclusion, Johnny Depp pleaded with the journalists present and the virtual spectators not to let down those who need it: “When there is an injustice, whether against you or against someone you love, or against someone you believe in, stand up, don’t sit down. Don’t let them down, they need from you.”

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