Johnny Depp’s agent claims Amber Heard cost him Pirates of the Caribbean

One of the central questions that the lawsuit must answer concerns the possible cancellation of a sixth film, which could have been decided after the accusations of the actress against the superstar.

Former lawyer and agent of Johnny DeppChristian Carino delivered a landmark statement during the defamation lawsuit currently underway in the USA against his ex-wife, Amber Heard. Testifying, he confirms that the young actress had a “traumatic impact” on the image of Depp, which cost him the franchise Pirates of the Caribbean particularly.

During the hearing (via Variety), which has been taking place for weeks in Fairfax, Va., Carino stipulated that it was clear, through conversations with producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Creative Artists Agency (CAA) co-chairman Bryan Lourd, that Disney had decided that it was no longer possible to continue to employ Depp. While Carino explained that the allegations against him were never openly mentioned as the reason for his ousting, they were simply “understood like this“within the industry.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Johnny Depp felt betrayed by Disney and would have liked to “say goodbye properly” to Jack Sparrow

Carino was friends with Heard and Depp, and represented both of them at various times, although he no longer has a relationship with either of them today.

He claimed that Johnny Depp is “one of the best actors of his generation” and that this has not changed despite the upheavals in his private life: “I think off-screen there was a shroud of mystery about who he was. His true personality has never been visible to the public. But that changed with the exposure that accompanied the lawsuits.”

Then, when asked about the production of the fifth film Pirates of the Caribbeanin 2015, he acknowledged that Johnny Depp was regularly late to filming. “I know he may have been late, but he’s been late for everything, his whole life,” replied Carino, adding to clarify that the production had found a way around the problem.

As for the hypothetical sixth film in the franchise, Depp’s trial attorneys say it was shelved, just days after Heard published an op-ed on Dec. 18, 2018, in which she called herself a “public figure representing domestic violence”. This would mean that his accusations at the time could have had a role to play in the studio’s decision.

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