Joker 2: the sequel is progressing, Joaquin Phoenix is ​​reading the script

Director Todd Phillips also revealed his working title: Folie à deux.

The continuation of Joker of Joaquin Phoenix is working. Evoked since 2019, the rumor had continued to swell, and the Heroic Hollywood site even claimed a few months ago a shoot in 2023. And now Todd Phillips has just confirmed the imminence of the project via his Instagram account.

The director posted an image of the script a few hours ago, titled Joker: Madness for twoas well as a photo of Joaquin Phoenix, who will of course be back in the skin of Arthur Fleck, in full reading.

Signed Scott Silver and Todd Phillips, who had already written the first film, this freshly finished script (it bears the date of May 18, 2022) is worth gold since the Joker released in 2019 had accumulated $ 1 billion in box office revenue worldwide and won two Oscars (best actor and best soundtrack). A controversial success which had also divided critics and raised questions about the discourse of the film, which has become a symbol of incel culture, this profile of frustrated men often found behind mass murder in the United States.

This script also intrigues because of its working title, Folie à Deux (unless it is the definitive title). Is this a simple reference to the personality disorder of Arthur Fleck alias the Joker? Or a clue that he could have a partner in the film, or rather a partner like the famous Harley Quinn so far embodied in the cinema by Margot Robbie?

Warner Bros. has not yet given any other information on this sequel to the Jokerwhich we are now waiting to discover the casting announcements and of course the filming and release dates.

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