Jon Bernthal: “I have boundless admiration for Alain Chabat”

Jon Bernthal and Alain Chabat in Night at the Museum 2
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On sale for The Williams Method, the actor looks back on his friendship with Chabat, born on the set of Night at the Museum 2.

Not everyone knows it, but an amazing friendship binds Jon bernthal and Alain Chabat. Yes, yes, you read that right. The star of The punisher and the actor of City of fear have been buddies like pigs ever since they met on the set of Night at the Museum 2, where the first played Al Capone and the second Napoleon. And 12 years later, the bromance is still stubborn. It is enough to evoke this film with Jon Bernthal to see it.

This is what we could verify by interviewing Bernthal, currently on the bill of The Williams Method, who agreed to indulge in the game of commented filmography in the December issue of Première, available on newsstands and on our online store. Here is the excerpt in question where he is reminded of his participation in Shawn Levy’s film:

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Wow, that goes back a long way. But when you mention this movie, a memory comes back. Second day of shooting, we have dinner in Vancouver. And I am seated next to Alain Chabat. I wondered who this guy could be. I barely understood what he was telling me and then … he became one of my best friends! I have boundless admiration for this guy. I love the way he leads his life and his career. It’s a compass for me. Night at the museum 2 is my meeting with Alain. Obviously, being surrounded by actors like Christopher Guest, Ben Stiller, Jonah HiIl … it is priceless. Seeing them improvise was an incredible experience. But in reality, the film for me is in two words: Alain Chabat. ”

The two have not had the opportunity to tour together again since Night at the Museum 2, but Bernthal would obviously be up for it, as he said in an interview broadcast on Pathé Gaumont’s social networks. “Tell him to call me to offer me a role! I’m up for it: I want to do Didier 2, whatever, let’s go!“Chick?

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