Jonathan Groff – Matrix 4: fighting Keanu Reeves, “it’s like making love to someone”

“When our clash was over, I felt very connected to him physically.”

Keanu Reeves (Neo) and Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity) are on the cover of the new issue of First, but alsoEntertainment Weekly, across the Atlantic, and within the subject dedicated to the new Matrix by Lana Wachowski, the American magazine publishes a few words from one of the new actors of the saga: Jonathan groff. We learn that he was nicknamed “The wild” during the preparation of the shoot, because of his insane investment during training for the fight scenes.

The 36-year-old comedian, famous for his roles in the series Glee and Mindhunter, as well as for his VO dubbing of Kristoff in Snow Queen, confirms that he has gone all out, and his fight partner, Keanu Reeves, adds: “Yes, he had a lot of power.” “I think all the anxiety I had about fighting, all those doubts about how: ‘Oh my God, what am I doing here?’ increased my involvement, my desire to succeed in doing it with my abilities, explains Groff. The minute I stepped on the practice mat, I was ready to let it go. “ Openly gay, the actor specifies that he had never had to shoot this type of action scene in cinema or on television, although he had already fantasized “to be Jennifer Garner with her red wig kicking ass in A.k.a. “ He then adds: “Having the opportunity to do it for real was unreal, fun and rewarding all at the same time.”

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It is not yet clear what role Jonathan Groff will play in this sequel, but AND illustrates his interview with a photo of him in the middle of a fight against Keanu Reeves, which confirms that his character will oppose Neo – without confirming whether he will be the new agent smith, although rumors have been around since the first trailer for Resurrections. With the star of the film already well-versed in fight scenes, Groff explains that he was personally guided by Keanu, who gave him excellent advice before embarking on a muscular choreography: “He taught me so much about the deal made between two people so that I could hit each other without hurting each other. It’s like making love to someone. When our clash was over, I felt very connected. to him physically. ” He then takes as an example a specific gesture, requested by the director during filming: “Lana told me: “If you can open your hand wide and put your finger right under Keanu’s eye before you bang his head against the wall, that would be great for the camera.” I looked at Keanu and he just nodded to say: ‘Go ahead.’ All that confidence! I mean, I had to take my momentum, punch him in the face and then knock him out against that thing. I felt there was a tremendous amount of love and respect that came out of those moments. “

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Finally, Jonathan Groff confirms that Lana Wachowski has changed the way she works since the first Matrix. As the director explains in First, she learned to “let go”, to no longer control everything on a set. “She’s just looking to capture human interactions, comments the actor. I believe this change in filming coincides with his own transition (Lana changed her gender in 2008 after the release of Speed ​​racer, editor’s note). She explained to us that at the beginning, she storyboarded all the scenes, a bit like comics, before recreating them shot by shot on the screen, because she wanted to closely control her narration. There was so much control in her. Then, when she became fully aware of her identity, it also felt in her work, she understood that she could capture real things without controlling them. ” He also details that she insisted that Matrix Resurrections be felt by everyone on the set as “the creation of a group, of a group of people. It was very important for her that we felt this group spirit, that we understood that the film would be the result of a common effort.” At the end of filming party in San Francisco, she gave a speech, remembers Jonathan Groff: “She told us : ‘These experiences are over before you even realize it. I just want you to remember specific moments in this adventure, even though it seems long and tiring right now, and we still have so much work to do. ‘ She has this special energy, which allows us to show ourselves vulnerable and to spiritually jump off a building before every take. “

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Here is the new trailer for Matrix 4, which will be released in theaters on December 22:

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