Judd Apatow Sets Up 40 Years Sequel: A User’s Guide

This is 50 will always be worn by Leslie Mann, Paul Rudd and the children Maude and Iris Apatow.

40 years user’s Guide will celebrate its 10th anniversary at the end of the year, and this did not escape The Wrapwhich benefited from the promotion of The bubble on Netflix to ask Judd Apatow where was his sequel project? Appeared in Knocked up, instructions for usethe pair formed by Leslie Mann (the director’s wife in town) and Paul Rudd was entitled to his film in 2012, and as early as 2013, its creator announced that he wanted to find them ten years later to shoot This Is 50which will certainly be translated 50 years: Instructions for use. He arrives right in the ideal time to film it: Paul Rudd is 52 years old, Leslie Mann will celebrate her 50th birthday at the end of March, and their daughters Maude and Iris, who were already playing in Knocked Up and This is 40, are teenagers. They should play a greater role in This is 50which does not scare them: Maude Apatow recently broke through to the general public thanks to her role as Lexi in the series Euphoria.

“The” scene from episode 7 of Euphoria season 2 deciphered by its choreographer

“I always wanted to turn This Is 50 and it’s time to get started, commented Judd Apatow. I have an idea that I would like to develop in this film. I couldn’t have done it five years ago, and it will be too late in five years, so I’m right on time. I hope we can carry it out. I think This Is 40 has aged well. As soon as someone sees him over 40, he says to me: ‘Oh, I understand everything now.’ (laughs) I want to do that again.”

It remains to be seen if this will be his next film, or if he has other projects to shoot before. For now, the director is fine-tuning his new comedy, The bubblefor Netflix. Scheduled for April 1 on the platform, it is a crazy comedy about a handful of actors trying to make a film in the vein of Jurassic World in the midst of the Covid crisis. It is worn in particular by Iris Apatow, Leslie Mann, David Duchovny, Pedro Pascal, Benedict Cumberbatch, Karen Gillan, Kate McKinnon, Fred Armisen, Keegan-Michael Key and Maria Bakalovala. Its trailer was recently unveiled:

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