Julia Garner: “I understood when I met the real Anna Delvey” [exclu]

Inventing Anna

Little Ruth of Ozark becomes the elusive star of Inventing Anna in this new Netflix series, inspired by an incredible true story… Encounter.

She leaves Marty Byrde and the country ofozark to take his independence in New York. Julia Garner is now the star, on Netflix. She’s Anna, an ambitious young scammerInventing Anna – online Friday – genius usurper, entrepreneur with unattainable dreams, who duped the gratin of the Big Apple with incredible aplomb. A rich and complex role, for the young actress of 28 years, who confirms in Shonda Rhimes all the good that we thought of her since the first “fucks” of Ruth Langmore. Julia Garner tells us everything.

PREMIERE: What did you know of Anna Delvey before taking the role?
JULIA GARNER: I had read his story in the newspapers, a bit like everyone else. And I had the same reaction as everyone else. I was flabbergasted, intrigued… And then two months later, I received an email informing me that a project around his story was being set up. I must say that I was not really surprised… On the other hand, I was very surprised to get this role. I never thought Hollywood would cast a girl like me to play Anna Delvey!

Why this ?

Already because I don’t look like him at all! (laughs) Physically, we have almost nothing in common… And since Hollywood doesn’t have a lot of imagination sometimes… But hey, it’s my job, after all, to put myself in the other people’s skin.

Did Shonda Rhimes tell you why she chose you?

No, never… It’s true that I would be interested in knowing! But I’m glad she did. And I think Shonda was the perfect person to tell Anna’s story.

Inventing Anna

Precisely, the real Anna Delvey said she did not want to watch the series. Were you able to speak to him?

Yes indeed. We met. Anna is a discreet person. She is very modest. I didn’t go there hoping to have new information about her, but rather to try to better understand her personality, her spirit, her energy… I was very surprised to see how bubbly, charming she was , cute. And at the same time, it made sense. I understood a lot of things when I met her. I understood why she was able to become so close to investors, why she was able to keep people close around her. It clicked for me. Afterwards, whether or not she watches the series, it’s her choice. Frankly, it must not be easy to have a series that talks about your life…

After meeting him, after playing him, do you know who the real Anna Delvey is? A scammer? A lost girl in New York? A brilliant entrepreneur?

She’s a bit of all of that, I think… Personally, I didn’t portray her thinking of her as a scammer. There is always a reason behind our actions. I don’t have to judge. That said, I’m sure she was scared. Afraid of being rejected. To fail. I believe that she still does not know today who she is. I don’t want to speak for her either… But I just hope that with everything that has happened to her, over time, she has been able to grow on a personal level.

Ozark: “The last part will be released around spring 2022”

In your performance, we seem to detect a slight accent from time to time…

Yes it is. In fact, there is a crazy mix of several different accents. Anna was born in Russia. She grew up in Germany. She told others that she was German, so she erased her Russian accent. She thus spoke English with a kind of strange European accent, like a mixture. Neither quite a Russian accent, nor quite a German accent. It is an accent that we heard elsewhere on the hours of video that I was able to watch while preparing the role.

If your Ruth Langmore fromozark meeting Anna Delvey tomorrow, how do you think it would go?

If they met… I think initially they wouldn’t get along at all. First, they would judge themselves. They would examine each other from head to toe. But after a little while, I think they would quickly become fans of each other. Maybe they would even become friends! Like, they would hate each other at first, and then in the end, they would have fun manipulating people together…

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