Jungle cruise: Emily Blunt and The Rock, a duo from hell [critique]

This new adaptation of a Disney attraction turns out to be a well-kept adventure entertainment. Ideal for summer!

It was a long time a sea serpent. The new adaptation of a Disney attraction after Pirates of the Caribbean Where Tomorrowland. Namely, Jungle Cruise, present in several parks of the house (California, Florida, Tokyo, Hong-Kong…). The idea dates back to 2006 from a screenplay co-written by Alfred Gough (the creator of Smalville) and Miles Millar (Lethal Weapon 4) before being forgotten, to come back to the surface in 2011 on a script this time by Roger SH Schulman (Shrek) with Toy story vocal duo Tom Hanks-Tim Allen starring, being buried again and therefore resurfacing in 2017 leaning on the solid shoulders of The Rock. Once greenlighted, the project will pass into the hands of several writers (the tandem ofI love you Phillip Morris, Glenn Ficarra- John Requa, Michael Green (Green lantern)) before Jaume Collet- Serra abandons the sequel to Suicide Squad to take control when The Rock had expressed his desire to work with Patty Jenkins

These stop and go and permanent procrastination could lead to fear of the worst. It is not so. Jungle Cruise Indeed, it turns out to be an adventure entertainment that is as effective as it is full of charm over the eventful adventures experienced by an explorer in search of a magical tree lost in the heart of the Amazon rainforest and the skipper hired to accompany her. There is In pursuit of the green diamond and more fromAfrican Queen (influence claimed and assumed by its authors) in this Jungle Cruise, with the very dog-cat duo Dwayne Johnson- Emily Blunt as heirs to the tandems Humphrey Bogart- Katherine Hepburn and Michael Douglas- Kathleen Turner. And if Jungle cruise follows a relatively marked story, with well-brought twists but without blowing a very strong wind of originality, it seduces precisely by the complicity and liveliness of the exchanges between the two actors and this bias as current as it is successful to make the heroine the driving force behind the action. Emily Blunt is enjoying this job and The Rock confirms that he reigns with a kindness and sympathy never lacking in this type of family entertainment.

And Jaume Collet-Serra in all of this? The director ofEsther, a subscriber for some time to the thriller (Without identity, Non-stop…) found himself at the helm of the biggest budget of his career. And manages not to be devoured raw by the Disney machine by injecting here and there pretty staging ideas and by infusing without loading the boat with the spectacular in this scenario which evolves between the 1930s and the ancestral Amazonian legends. Of course, he does not renew the genre but succeeds in taking the film’s bet from start to finish, maintaining this balance between game scenes and pure action scenes without either taking precedence over the other. Jungle cruise thus arrives safely without incident. Let us wish him not to have to undergo a multitude of consequences which would spoil this good impression. But there is a great fear that this will not be the case.

Of Jaume Collet- Serra. With Emily Blunt, Dwayne Johnson, Jesse Plemons … Duration: 2h10. Release July 28, 2021

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